Monday, July 28, 2008


I'm writing this on my brand new iMac desktop computer. My old Dell finally bit the dust a few days ago after Frankie was playing with the keyboard. It seems unlikely that the computer's serious problems were caused by a 23-month-old's roaming fingers, but it's a pretty strange coincidence. Anyway, I've been wanting to switch to a Mac for a while now & this was my chance. So far, so good.

One of the reasons for the switch is that I want to use Mac's Garageband software to record tunes. You can record, edit, use real or MIDI instruments, etc., to create tunes right in your own office. Pretty cool. Now all I have to do is figure it out. I'm a genuine technophobe & loathe reading directions. The first task is to find out how to get my guitar & mic to work with the computer. There are all these interface things that cost a ton of money, but I'm hoping to find something good that's also reasonably priced. So, already there's an obstacle. Then I have to figure out the complicated directions for using the damn software. Where is that huge block of time to work this stuff out?

I'm in a bit of a funk because, after a month out in the world, my new album has landed with a resounding thud. Though I've gotten some airplay on a few obscure podcasts, there has been no response at all from the more well-known radio outlets or even from obscure music blogs & magazines. So far I've sold about 5 copies, total. I have this fantasy of taking my 1,000 CDs & throwing them onto a huge bonfire. Let it go, man, let it all go. I'm 48, bald, getting fat, & trying to raise a daughter & keep my poor overworked wife from going crazy. Once again, the choice seems clear: get a job selling shoes. Or hats. Or books. 


Blogger Sheela Wolford said...

Just keep going! Your ideas are limitless! Book shows wherever you can, play in the subway, land a spot in MTA's Artist series, hold your own concerts with friends out in a park, get a permit, and just call it a cute, clever name. If this is what you want, let the ideas flood you, and then do them! Your work is good, real good, and when I get my moolah, I am going to buy a cd! Go play somewhere every day. No shoe selling!

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