Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Well, we've had an eventful year here in Yankeeland, but I'm happy to report that all is well. Chris has finally been released from prison, where he was serving time on trumped-up charges of bank robbery (it was all just a misunderstanding). Once he's done with community service he will be back on track with his new novel, a comic romp based on the Alberto Gonzalez Justice Department scandal. Meanwhile, Melissa has almost recovered from her bungee jumping accident (thank God Frankie wasn't hurt, also!). Just two more weeks in the wheelchair--yippee!!! Finally, Frankie has, with the help of a good lawyer, been cleared of all charges stemming from that traffic incident last summer. Once she has completed her time with a licensed therapist, her record will be totally cleared. As for the cats, they continue to steal our hearts with their antics. Just last week Spanky successfully hunted down & slaughtered a neighborhood dog, & Cricket continues to tickle us by lunging from behind trees at passing children. Those darn cats! The house is in pretty good shape, but a word to the wise: plastic bags are no substitute for glass windows. And make sure to call a trusted exterminator at the first sign of rodent infestation. Well, that about covers it. We sincerely hope your 2007 was as satisfying as ours, & that 2008 will be even better. Our new year plans include a long delayed 2nd honeymoon in Gary, Indiana, as well as some much-needed cosmetic surgery for Chris. And Frankie? We just hope to keep that little scamp from the clutches of the local gendarmes. So good luck to all of you, & be well!

Chris, Melissa, Frankie, Spanky & Cricket


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