Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"In the Womb"

I wrote this prose poem during a writing workshop earlier this summer. It was obviously inspired by Melissa's pregnancy.


When she drinks, there is a waterfall, the Evian or tea or lemonade rushing down a chute somewhere above me & splashing into a pool.
When she eats, rocks grind against each other, acids roil in the small sac next to mine like lava in a volcano's belly.
When she speaks, the words reverborate & send out circles, like pebbles dropped in a still pond.
When she walks, I slip & slide along the smooth walls of my room until I fall asleep.
When she laughs, those walls contract & expand & a loud noise rolls around like a penny going down a drain.
When she sleeps, her heart slows to a steady bass drum, & I lie awake to count the moments.
When she dances, I dance with her, moving left to her right, right to her left.
When she makes love, I swim with the warm tide like a porpoise on a wave.
When she sits in her chair & stares off into space, I try to follow her but see only clouds & water.
When she cries, I place my wet palms against the inside of her & hold her until she stops.

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